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(Some yelp reviews are from previous acct)*

"Ok so I just returned from Depil Brazil waxing studio that promotes themselves as a better way to wax. I have had Adriannas sugaring three times now so I am in a great position to make a comparison. Depil is definitely a corporate assembly line type experience. My estetician was cordial but was focused on getting me in and out in the 15 minutes that she was allotted to do my brazilian in. She had almost no time to clean off the excess wax and no time to pull the individual difficult hairs out. Big on selling you their products. What should have been a $50 first time brazilian and a $36 butt cheek waxing with product actually cost $145. They do not have a big magnifying glass like Adriana has to see what they missed. That wold take too long I guess. So here is how Adriana is superior. She is individually owned so no corporate hurry up and get the next one in.She takes as long as it takes to make it a complete experience for you. She is very friendly and cordial. She makes you feel completely comfortable and you know that she appreciates your business. There is no attempt to sell you anything unless you want it.She makes sure that she doesn't miss anything. Sugaring is also less painful than waxing. Adriana makes you feel like a friend and she really wants to make you happy. I can't recommend her highly enough. Don't wax see Adriana and sugar. You won't be sorry."

-Jerry H. 


"I highly recommend Adriana's Professional Body Sugaring. I used to utilize waxing for my hair removal needs and had mixed results. Sugaring is the superior method of hair removal. However, it is Adriana that sets her service apart. Attention to detail, care and professionalism is unmatched in my experience. For those reasons I have been driving 3 hours to have her perform my sugaring. It is worth every mile."

  -Brian E.

Handwritten Letter

"Adriana is great at what she does she made me feel extremely comfortable during this process. I most definitely recommend her!"

- Keli H. 


"I had my first sugaring today and it was a Brazilian. Adriana was amazing! She treated me like a princess. We laughed and she made me feel extremely comfortable. Im not gonna lie it did hurt a lil... but sometimes you have to endure some pain to be beautiful. So happy I found her, will definitely recommend her to everyone. Very satisfied customer. Thanks so much Adriana, I couldn't of asked for a better professional experience :)"

-Amanda M.


"Nervous at first...the incredible Adriana put me at ease almost instantly with a warm and friendly environment. She has a magical touch producing the most desired results...impressed does not begin to express my thoughts toward a seemingly uncomfortable experience; making it one for which I will return!"

-David T.


"My first time sugaring and I loved it! I felt so smooth and clean I can't believe I have never done it before. Adriana was amazing she made feel so comfortable I will definitely be back!"

-Kris R.


"I’m not use to writing testimonials but I really want to share about my experience with Adriana. I’m an Ironman triathlete, competitive cyclist, ultra runner, and am now about to do my first CrossFit competition. Hair “down there” has always been a nuisance with my training and I have spent years manscaping and at times shaving. After lots of encouragement from my wife to think about waxing I finally decided to give it a try and went to a high end spa two months ago. I have to say that although they took off some skin on my scrotum it was nice to not have any hair. I went back a month later and although I didn’t loose any skin the excessive expense gave me some pause. While looking for a less expensive spa I came across Adriana’s web page and sugaring. After some research I decided to give it a try. Please keep in mind I am/was totally embarrassed about all aspects of this procedure, from calling to make the appointment to definitely having it done. Adriana from the second I met her set me at ease. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of sugaring and very professional. The procedure was much less painful than waxing, hardly painful at all, and by the evening I didn’t have a single red mark. Her professionalism and conversation made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the procedure. So to sum it up if you are considering removing your hair I totally recommend Adriana and sugaring!"



"For over fifteen years I have been a Nudist, and for most of those years I have shaved off my pubic hairs as most Nudist do. Two problems I kept having with shaving: 1. Nicks on my shaft of my penis and on my scrotum (balls), and 2. Six or seven hours after shaving I started to have hair stubble showing which does not look that good when you are naked in front of others. A month ago I decided to get the whole area wax front and back (Brazilian). The person that waxed me never waxed a male before, so she was afraid to wax the penis shaft, scrotum, area between scrotum and anus, and the anus area. She said it would hurt too much. She waxed the area above the penis (pubic hair area) and waxed my buttocks, but not in the crack area (not a true Brazilian). The wax method she was using would probably have caused pain in those sensitive areas. I researched to see if there was any way to remove hairs from those sensitive areas without causing major discomfort and pain. I found Adriana's Professional Body Sugaring waxing method during my search. Yesterday, I went to Adriana's for an appointment. She removed all the hairs from everywhere front (penis shaft, scrotum, and area between scrotum and anus) and back (true Brazilian). The whole time she made me feel very comfortable and at ease by having great conversations with me; I had no clothes on while on her massage table that she uses for the procedure to take place on. When she removed the hairs from the penis shaft and scrotum I did feel a little discomfort for a second or two. I chewed gum and I just kept thinking about the end results, so I focused on that. Adriana was very thorough, she took her time and removed ever hair she could find (she even used tweezers to remove small hairs that the wax did not get). When she was finished waxing there was not any pieces of wax stingers to remove. She then put some lotion on the areas that were waxed. Afterwards, I looked into the mirror she has there, and I very much liked what I saw, it was perfect. I was extremely smooth everywhere just like I wanted it to be. There was just a little redness then which went away by this morning. Today, is the first time since I started shaving my pubic hairs off fifteen years ago that I did not have to shave. The whole area, penis shaft, scrotum, and area between scrotum and anus have no hair stubble at all. Everything is extremely smooth and looks great. I am totally happy with the results, and would fully recommend Adriana."

-Brian C.


"Have been wanting to remove hair "down there" for a while but was too embarrassed to ask about it. I just happened to meet Adriana while looking for a place for my wife to get her hair done. She immediately set my mind at ease. She addressed the issues I have with professionalism and set my mind at ease. When I showed up for the appointment she was awesome. She never lied to me about the positions I would end up in so I was prepared for that. She never lied to me about the pain, so I knew it would hurt some. After it was all said and done I loved the way I felt so I came back for maintenance. The maintenance is not painful at all to me. I am sold on the sugaring process AND Andriana. I not only have a person who takes care of my grooming needs, I have a new friend. Guys...get over the embarrassment and just get it done. Once you do it it's no big deal. I feel so much better and cleaner."

- Jesse G.


"I'm a guy and I must say her touch is amazing I came in for a full Brazilian after going to several other sugaring places with horrible results and serious pain when in Adrianna's hands I must say it was the least painful and i had amazing results she really takes her time not like other places that want you in and out in 15 mins for a Brazilian Adrianna takes her time does a flawless job and I would highly recommended her to any male or female interested in getting sugar hair removal.

Btw I'm actually getting my Brazilian done as im writing this review!!!!"

- Mike S.


"I just moved to Ft. Worth. After looking up wax places all over I decided to try body sugar instead. So glad I did. Adriana was amazing and made the process near painless, better than even the most expensive waxes I've tried. The hair also grew back better and slower. I will be making all my appointments here in the future. It's a bit of a drive for me but we'll worth it."

- Brittney V.


"Adriana is amazing lady who really takes care of her customers!! She is simply wonderful at her job! Sugaring is the best hair removal process and I look forward to my monthly appointments! Adriana from day one has always made me feel comfortable. If you are looking for a great way to remove hair, this is the way...Sugaring with Adriana!!"

 - Christa B. 


"I have been going to Adriana for more than a year now for my facials and it has been wonderful. I first met her when I had a bad breakout and her enzyme peels have done wonders to my skin. My skin has been under her watch since then and I should say, I have never had any bad days. Great job Adriana! She is always so sweet and nice- I simply love going to her salon."

 - L.M. 


"Adriana was so sweet during my appointment! She was very professional and knowledgeable about sugaring and I love feeling soft and smooth after! As the previous reviewer wrote, it's not a pleasant process in and of itself, I mean, it's like pulling hair out of your intimate areas.... oh, wait, it IS pulling hair out of your intimate areas!! Not to mention the awkward (and rather humorous) positions you find yourself in in order to provide *ahem* access to those areas. She was professional and assuring the whole time, and even has some funny stories to tell to keep the mind at ease. I would highly recommend :)"

- Alli J.


"I had a brazilian done today and it was my first "sugaring". I have always waxed in the past leaving my skin red and bumpy. Before I left my session today, any irritation was gone and I have no bumps or redness just smooth skin. Even more impressive was Adriana's "bedside manner". She made me totally comfortable in what is normally an uncomfortable situation. I was very impressed."

- Jen G.

"I was very nervous about my first time getting my hair removed (Brazilian) and Adriana made the experience extremely pleasant. Prior to my visit, she spoke with me at length answering all my questions and providing detailed information about the process. She was so kind and gracious and accomodating. She made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend Adriana to anyone who is considering hair removal using the sugaring process. She is amazing!"

- Tonya B.

"Adriana, thanks for a job well done on my modified Brazilian. No skin loss. No stragglers. And, as smooth as silk."

 - Jeff W.

"I had a wonderful experience with Adriana for Brazilian Sugaring. The pain is manageable and the end results absolutely outweigh the short discomfort. Adriana's professional and personable bedside manner makes for such a comfortable experience. I absolutely would recommend her services to anyone!"

- Nikki M. 

"I will NEVER wax again. She was very professional yet personable to keep your mind off what was going on. And I have to admit there was ZERO pain for me"

- Porscha C.

"I've always associated "pain" with body sugaring. Definitely not so! Today I had my second Brazilian and it was better than the first experience. Thank you for your warm bedside manner and I believe you to be a true professional which made me feel more at ease. Thanks again Adriana! You'll see me in 6 weeks!"

- Alicia S.

"Adriana is absolutely fabulous! I'm a new fan of the sugaring process, the pain is very little and the end results are way better than waxing. It leaves me with a smooth finish, no irritation. And Adriana does a wonderful job of making me feel as comfortable as possible during the process. My fiancé loves the end results which makes me feel sexier than ever and Adriana also offers vajazzling which was a nice little addition to my oh so sexy new look."

- Chrissy G.


"I've been going to various esthiticians for the past 9 years and receiving the brazilian waxing. As most of you know this can be a very, very painful process. I recently saw Adriana and tried her sugaring for a brazilian, let me say that it was absolutely great...very little discomfort during the process. Being a male and having to get in various comprimising positions, Adriana made me feel very comfortable during the whole session. Again no pain, outstanding service, very knowledgeable about the process, and coupled with a very affordable price, and you have hit a homerun with me....I will definitely be back in 4 to 5 weeks...Thanks Adriana for the great service!!"

- Will B.


"I would highly recommend Adriana for an unforgettable spa experience! She is so personal and professional!! She gave me a relaxing enzyme peel and made me feel like a queen. I will definitely be a life long customer!"

- Sarah D.

"Adriana is the best! I would recommend her highly!!!!"

- Stan C.

*24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

A minimum of 24 hours is required for cancellation of an appointment. Any cancellation received within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time will be charged 50% of the full cost. No- Shows will be charged 100%. A credit card will be required at the time of booking.

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